S K Superstore, 84 Alexandra Drive, Surbiton

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S K Superstore Contacts

+44 20 8390 0995

84 Alexandra Drive, Surbiton, England KT5 9AG

Establishment   Food  

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S K Superstore Reviews

  • Disappointed Customer
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I had to post multiple parcels for various neighbors yesterday, it was the first time I’d been actually into a shop for a long time. I felt anxious already.
    I asked if I could have separate receipts for the parcels and the guy working there told me one receipt was best for me, I told him again I needed separate receipts, he kept going on how one receipt was best and easier for me. This went on fir a few minutes. What he really meant it was easier for him.
    Then when he asked to use his stylus to type in my name, I said I’d rather not touch it and it was fine fir him to do since he was already holding it, I was very polite and in the current climate this is normal as the delpeole these days have also stopped this Way of doing things. Well, he didn’t lIke this at all, telling me, actually lecturing me that a 100 people use this a day, they didn’t have a problem, what was different about me, on and on he went.
    I couldn’t believe his attitude, it was the first time ever I’d been in this shop, the only reason I was there was because the closest shop to me was closed.
    What a dreadful first impression, to make someone feel so uncomfortable and insinuating they are being a nuisance to be honest, all because I needed separate receipts and wanted to keep myself safe.
    Shame on him.
    I’ll never be back here, what a horror.
  • Daniel W
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Terrible place , smaller convenience store round the corner is cheaper and better. It's expensive and staff are rude. First time I was told there was a charge for card under 10pounds and then told next time over that amount there was still a charge . The charge itself was different each time. Told rudely to my face if I didn't want to pay the charge I could get cash outside where the cash machine charged 1.89 to withdraw (JOKE). Also prices are not only high but many items don't have price tags and so think they just make them up on the spot. For a plain bag of popcorn I was told £1.29 where at the smaller store around the corner was 2 for £1. Will not be shopping there again only if absolutely have to. Hope they take these things into account. Surprised they are still in business.
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